Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artwork (house jewelry)

What goes on the walls in a house is akin to jewelry and accessories on a person. Because I am on a tight budget, the original artwork in my house is mine. I also have a love for mirrors (which make appearances everywhere) and look forward to purchasing some art when I have the funds to do so. In the meantime, I have piles of work sitting around doing nothing. Part of the problem is the prohibitive cost of framing things properly but it's not a good enough excuse. There are a few frames in the basement (in need of spray paint and new hardware) that are calling out to be hung. Here is some of the work contending for spots.

~Man Sitting Contour, vine charcoal on vanilla newsprint~
(maybe a contender for the downstairs hallway)

~Large Scale Salt, charcoal on paper~
(hoping this is just the thing for the smallest kitchen wall)

~Parisian Pigeon, watercolor on arches~
This is one of 3 paintings in a series based on photographs taken in Paris of a pigeon taking a bath (says something about James and me that this was one of the highlights of the trip). Because there are 3 paintings that require hanging in a row I have yet to find the perfect spot but continue to search.

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  1. Hi Lia,

    Thanks for the blog comment! After that post I did end up losing another 20 pounds in a few months and getting much closer to my goal. Of course, things are going a bit more slowly now so I can always use encouragement and wisdom!

    Love your blog - I'm a big fan of inexpensive original artwork and mirrors, too. Good decor makes all the difference!